5 Reasons to Consider Influencer Event Activations

Going into 2019, more brands than ever before will be looking to grow their influencer marketing strategies. With influencer marketing proving itself an evolving, lasting trend, the next big question specialists are tackling is how to differentiate their brands. One avenue they’re investing in is that of branded events and experiential popups. With numerous opportunities for influencer integration, and chances to connect with consumers and supporters, live experiences could very well be the next breakout marketing agent.

Bang for Your Buck

By creating even a single event around an influencer partnership, a brand can see their engagement returns triple. Take into account pre-event buzz, the social sharing of both attendees and the influencer (or influencers) involved, and the post-event recaps. It can be one of the best ways to maximize the impact of a single activation.

Multi-Level Engagement

When you invest time and effort into an influencer event, you invest in the overall synergy of your brand activation. By providing a means with which to engage with the influencer and product both online and in person, you increase the staying power of your message in the minds of your audience.

Proven Returns

Besides the aforementioned engagement returns, the practical returns also speak for themselves. When you factor in the above discussed, along with the opportunity for cross promotions, ads on livestreaming, and on-site purchases from event goers, the results justify the cost and then some. Large scale events such as Playlist Live, a convention featuring popular Youtubers, have proven time and again that consumers are willing to set aside funds to engage with their favorite influencers.  


Integrating With Larger Events

Even if your brand is unable to produce a whole event around a campaign, smaller scale popups within bigger events are a viable option. Clothing and wellness brands in particular have seen the benefit of onboarding a single influencer to create intimate events within larger spectacles such as Coachella. In this sense, there’s a way to integrate influencer focused activations into any happening and budget.

Buzz That Lasts

Long after a branded event has concluded, social media is still loaded with opportunities to profit from the buzz. Where engagement from a sponsored post eventually tapers off, the afterglow of a fun event stays with consumers for days and even weeks to come. The featured influencer can write follow up posts and utilize special event hashtags during and after, creating intrigue for future endeavors.

TRENDSZoë Jenkin